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About 3D Sound Center

Welcome to 3D Sound Bed Center, located in historic downtown Malvern, Arkansas.  The Feature Presentation of the center is the unique, top-of-the-line 3D Sound Bed which is manuractured right here in Arkansas.  The 3D Sound Bed in the only Sound Bed available that totally surrounds you with 400 Watts of sound frequencies that are programmed to help you relax and to prepare your body to do what it was designed to do, heal Itself. 

Call 501-749-5989 to schedule a 3D Sound Break Session to help you relax and get away from the cares of the day.  The Sound Frequencies will help you relax and refocus on what is important to you.  The Sound Break will take you away from your normal routine and allow you body to enter into it's healing mode.  You will feel refreshed by the end of your session and ready to meet the world head on.