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Frequently asked questions
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How Long Are the 3D Sound Bed Sessions
The Sessions are various lengths. Each Sound Bed Session list the amount of time for that particular session. We insert 5 minutes between sessions to prepare the Studio for the next session.
Do you take walk ins?
Yes, if there are no scheduled appointments when you arrive. We recommend that you schedule and appointment before you arrive. Call 501-304-9530 or 501-762-2965 to schedule your session.
Do you take credit card payments?
Yes we accept VISA, American Express, MasterCard and Discover cards.
Why is it called a 3D Sound Bed?
The 3D (Three Dimensional) aspect of our sound bed comes from the locations of the seven transducers that are placed above and below you during your sound bed session. 400 Watts of sound flows through your entire body, enveloping you in a unique three dimensional sound environment.
How is the 3D Sound Bed session beneficial to me?
First of all it takes you away form the cares of the day and gives you a chance to relax and forget about you cares for a few moments. As you relax, your mind/body communication will improve and help your mind start it's self-healing mode, similar to what happens during deep sleep. Our various audios are programmed to produce specific frequencies designed to address specific areas of the body. The benefits of the 3D sound bed vary from person to person and produce different results in different people. Most clients report that the time on the 3D Sound Bed helped them to relax and refocus of feeling better. Some report reduced pain and others report having more energy. Your results may differ, but we hope that you give the 3D Sound Bed a try to see how it works for you.
Can I change the Sound Bed Session I Purchased online when I come in for my session?
Yes, you can choose any different session as long as it is the same price or less. Or you can upgrade to a longer session for an additional fee if there is time available to accommodate the longer session.
Can the sound levels be adjusted to my comfort level?
Yes. The Sound Bed Director will set the sound level for you at the beginning of your session.
Do you offer Gift Certificates
Yes. Gift Certificates will be available for purchase by November 15, 2023.