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3D Sound Bed Sessions

Ascension is for slightly raising all bodily frequencies while freeing mind stress, allowing proper energy movement throughout the brain.  61 Minutes  $40.00. 

Awakening is also energy lifting, but has impeded frequencies intended to assist in synapse correction.  42 Minutes  $40.00. 

Chakra Journey starts withroot Chakra frequencies, working on lower body core cells, and working up through the solar plexus, chest, throat, to the pineal gland, and allows for corrections of glands, psiatic and vegas nerves, moving negative and stagnant energy through, and out the top of the head.  40 Minutes $40.00.

Constellation is a brainwave entrainment that is intended to effect cells throughout the chest and head involved in higher thinking, and reasoning. 60 Minutes $40.00.   

Dreamseed is intended to assist in releasing old harmful memories, and cellular memories that might stagnate your ability to move from fight or flight mode, to healing mode.  37 minutes  $40.00.  

Enlightenment (Enlighten Me) is intended to help you enter the theta brainwave state more easily, and assist all cells that support higher thinking, and deeper health.  60 Minutes  $40.00. 

Female Femininity is intended to assist the release of cellular, physical, and mental memory of sexually based trauma. It also helps lighten menstrual pain, and menopausal suffering.  35 Minutes  $40.00. 

Heaven and Earth are intended to help the body find all the healthy cellular frequencies that relate to health, physically and spiritually.   61 Minutes  $40.00. 

Hypnotica is intended to use theta brainwave state and positive golden ratio sound to bring right/left hemispherical balance to allow freedom in the creative process.  60 minutes  $40.00. 

Journey Through the Matrix is intended to assist one to find the seam dividing reality and illusion, while bringing thought to center, and holds many healthy body frequencies.  First Reconnection, then to Change Grief, then to Overcoming Fear, then to Heart, then to Imprinter, then to Matrix, the to Chakra Star, then to Memory, then to Calm Mind, then to Harmonize Emotions, then to Lucky, and finally to Enlightment.   66 Minutes  $40.00.

Letting Go helps release restrictive thought patterns.  63 Minutes   $40.00. 

Loving Yourself was originally Weight Loss, but in it's creation, all the frequencies one would use to correct themselves at a cellular level were used, so it was renamed Loving Yourself.  39 Minutes $40.00. 

Nutri-energetics is was made to aid in nutrition and bodily energetics. It has much in common with other music programmed here.  60 Minutes  $40.00.  

Om Matra is a Theta meditation assistance, without the eastern religious influence, using only the Om sounds at specific frequencies that allow one deeper concentration for prayer, and enhanced thought for school, or training.  60 Minutes  $40.00.

Pure White is a dissonant noise to assist in drowning out non-assistive thought patterns.  70 minutes  $40.00.

Relaxing Ocean is intended to bring you to a restful state, as if you are relaxing at the beach, to allow you to better enter a healing state.  70 Minutes $40.00.  

Soothing Winds is to assist mental based cellular correction, as well as deep relaxed states.   70 Minutes   $40.00.  

The Temple Gardens is intended to assist in reaching a state of bliss, winding down and bringing peace. 60 Minutes $40.00.

Unconditional Divine Love is to help release any/all burdens we have allowed to hold space within our being. 62 minutes $40.00.  

Untold Depths is designed to reach deeper into the mind to find our inner nature of Christ. 60 Minutes $40.00. 

Water of Life Journey is intended to find the inner love nature, and allow it to heal. 40 Minutes $40.00.